We have developed a broad range of services to ensure that all key areas required to maximise results in developing strategic customers are covered, so as to be a "one-stop shop" for our clients. We make sure that all the services that we deliver are a true reflection of the key principles that we consider as the pillars of strategic business development.



Market Intelligence - developing strategic customers usually has longer sales cycle than normal sales and heading into a wrong direction can have serious consequences. Not only can lack of intelligence result in a waste of critical resources and time, but it can also lead to missed opportunities that present themselves unfrequently, or to the erosion or complete loss of a competitive advantage acquired thanks to an historical position.




Strategic positioning is also a key. The SWOT (Strength Weakness Opportunities Threats) analysis is a key stone of strategic business development and as a consequence, of our work: the same applies to competition mapping: combined with proper market intelligence, both analysis lead to setting business priorities and define accurate core customer targets.




Working to a well-defined process and planning helps monitor progresses and encourages focus: it also helps to identify delays and act upon them. We typically work to a 6 key stage process (Planning, Foundations, Engaging, Developing, Confirming, and Contracting). Given the extended sales cycle that mainly characterises strategic business development, it is critical to be able to keep an overview of prospects and their stage in the process.




Proactivity – Initiative – Creativity


Highly personalised approach is key. Our experience shows that a highly personalised and dedicated approach strongly increases success chances. As decisions are taken primarily not by one individual but by teams, multi-tier approach is also very important to capture the attention of the influencers who contribute to the evaluation and selection process. Each tier of stakeholder should be identified and an adequate communication must be defined. At decision-makers level, a clear view of “friends and foes” is also needed.




Multi-culturalism, and project management are also keys: in a globalised world, it is crucial to recognise the multi-cultural composition of procurement teams and to adapt. Taking into account the complexity of strategic business development and the necessity to coordinate  the actions of several departments (marketing, R&D, management etc...) strategic business development activities often need to be managed in project mode, covering planning, team building, and project management. 

We also have a long-standing experience of commercial agreements, working in cooperation with legal experts, or handling critical negotiations. Equally we have a broad experience of tenders covering evaluation, answer planning, or dealing with sensitive issues as risk assessment or working with ambiguity.




To summarise, we believe that having a highly structured and focused approach is required for a successful strategic business development. We have a unique set of skills and experience, combining analytic skills with hands-on experience, and aim to the highest quality approach for each of our actions, ensuring flawless execution.