Our clients originate not only from the UK, but from across the globe, and we have been working for organisations from Japan, Brazil, and Australia. We also regularly work for European companies; in fact our no1 client was a French high tech company, and since then, we have also been working for clients from Spain, Germany, Sweden among many more countries.



Our skills and competence are transferable and we have also operated in a range of sectors as diverse as Packaging & Labelling, Secure ID Cards, Digital Printing, Photo & Imaging, Wines & Spirits and Luxury Goods, to name a few. Based on our experience, we have the ability to rapidly research, acquire, and assimilate sectorial knowledge, key facts and trends, and use them at best in our activities, often offering sectorial benchmark, a fresh perspective and new angles of approach.


Organisations requesting our support may also be various themselves: they may be blue chip companies, large corporations, or SME’s (Small and Medium Enterprises); all have in common to specifically target strategic customers to fuel their growth, and they value our expertise to achieve their objectives in that field.



Large corporations usually rely on their internal teams however they often prefer to focus those resources on core businesses, and externalise what are perceived as more ancillary or speculative functions, in a move to control their overheads. Individual divisions of such large organisations may sometimes not be able to rely on their usual group commercial resources, due to the specific positioning of their products or services, or group policies and priorities.

SME's often initially grow on their domestic or otherwise easily reached markets; to go beyond a certain threshold though, they need ad-hoc and focused resources, without losing agility, and externalising specific elements of commercial areas such as enterprise sales can be the solution for them.

For any of these categories, route-to-market may also be various: many of our clients sell directly to the end-users of their products and services.



Some are clearly positioned as supplying a critical component of a range of products, solutions or services: in that case, they may consider developing OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) type of partnerships, and benefit from commercial networks, branding power and added value proposition broader than what they can develop by themselves.




Finally, many organisations are trading through extensive distribution channels, often spreading over sectors, applications, and geographical areas, and adding value based on their specific technical competence, marketing skills and local services.


In short, Varega's strategic business development services address the needs of a wide range of organisations and enable them to benefit from the best of both corporate and SME's worlds, providing expertise, focus, and flexibility at the same time.

We works in partnership with our clients on a confidential assignment basis, often over a period of months or years.